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Last updated: 18 September 2019
Author: ,[email protected],NordeboApps
Price: US$5.99 – Free to try
This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.5714
I give you below the most useful information:
Cow Proxy is a web proxy backed by tunnel technology. Like VPN, it hides your IP address and encrypt your traffic, but a lot easier to use. This extension provides one click config to switch your IP address and location. Once the service is turned on, the sites you visit can only see an IP address belonging to the proxy rather than your real IP address. That’s why you can unblock websites with us.
# Android App support
# Enhanced security & privacy #
Unlike a triditional plain web proxy, Cow Proxy encrypts all your inbound and outbound traffic, which hides your IP and gives you protection when you are using public WiFi like school, hotel or Starbucks.

On the other hand, we also prevent WebRTC from leaking your IP address, which isn’t usually handled by many other VPNs.

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This extension has around 20000 users and 105 reviews.

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