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Last updated: 1 April 2020
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Are you a Growth hacker, Marketeer, Digital Specialist or just interested in being on top of the online market? Then we might push you in the right direction…

We present to you

“The Growquette, A marketer’s daily snack”

Based on the famous dutch snack, this chrome extension will bring you a senationable feeling in your head (instead of stomach). You will receive:

âś…One growth tip every day which you can implement in your business directly.
âś…Sources are added with every hack.

The Growquette has been invented, designed and developed in one rapid sprint by Growth Hacking agency Sprints & Sneakers. Reach out for careers and opportunities.

You can find more details about the extension on

Want to know more around making your self-made extensions. We have the solution.

This plugin has around 100000 users and 1839 reviews.

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