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Last updated: 24 May 2019
Author: ,[email protected],Free Addon – Wallpapers & Themes for New Tab (24)
Price: Free
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SFMC Object Finder Article –

Users find difficult to track down a Object location from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.
This extension would help users to search for a Object from the platform and display the exact location.

This extension was earlier known as “SFMC DE Finder” –
Uninstall any existing Extension and add the latest extension with new objects being added
Version #1.0 – Objects Supported

–> Data Extensions
–> Shared Data Extensions
–> Classic Email by ID/Name
–> Shared Classic Email by ID/Name
–> Classic Content Area by ID/Name
–> Shared Classic Content Area by ID/Name
–> Classic Email Template by ID/Name
–> Shared Classic Email Template by ID/Name
–> Query Activities
–> User Initiated Definitions
–> Data Filter Definitions
–> Automations

–> WildCard Search – You do not have to remember the exact name, any word provided would be looked up to
search a DE containing the word. Search results would display results for the Object that has been selected.
–> Extended Search – The list consists of Object Name, Object Location, MID (In which the Object Resides)
–> Download Feature – Once the list is retrieved, you can download as CSV.

–> An active session of Marketing Cloud is needed.
–> Stack is the number you see on the Marketing cloud URL (MC.<> If no stack number is displayed please select S1 from the dropdown.

Version #1.1
Added Stack 8

Version #1.2
Added Stack 50

Version #1.3
Added Automation folder search

Version #1.5
Added Stack 50 – Sub-Domain

Version #1.6
Added functionality to search by DE External Key

Version #1.7
Added Header and Footer. Improvised the Layout

Version #1.8
Fetch DE Fields

Version #1.10
Added Stack 11

Version #2.0
Fixed the issue where users are seeing – “Error::You are not Authorized via Marketing Cloud. You should be logged in…” with latest versions of the Chrome Browser.

Version #2.2
Added Analytics to improve better areas within the extension.

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This plugin has around 60000 users and 43 reviews.

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