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Last updated: 30 October 2019
Author: ,,Charles Newey
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.1429
We present below the actual useful information:
Photo Paint Instant is an easy to use paint & drawing application with image, photo.
You can choose a image, photo file from your computer or from Google Drive.
Paint Instant provides a webcam capture feature. This app takes photos from your webcam and you can paint on it.
Photo Paint Instant is a fast paint & drawing app. It helps you draw in clean user interface.

This app works locally without going through the server. (HTML5 technology)
Paint Instant reads image without uploading the file to any servers.
Supports file formats such as png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, ico.

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This extension has around 359 users and 2 reviews.

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