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Last updated: 23 December 2018
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Impact’s Deeplink Extension is for Impact Partners. It adds a button to the Chrome toolbar which allow you to:
• Join new brands
• Generate paid links to a brand’s product page
• Add custom reporting parameters to your links
• Easily post the link to Facebook, Twitter, or copy to your clipboard

If you are joined with the advertiser, you can go to any page on their website and generate a paid link. The plugin will be tied to your account so just copy-paste the link into your promotions and tracking will be all setup.

It will also show you information about payout terms. If you are not already joined with the Brand, the plugin will show you their standard payout terms and provide a link to apply. You can download the plugin and get more information here.

If you are joined to the Brands you will see your current payout terms.

If you aren’t currently an Impact Partner, go here to sign up:

You can check out more information about the chrome extension on

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This extension has around 40000 users and 334 reviews.

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