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Last updated: 10 October 2018
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I present here the most important information:

NETFLIX is a trademark of Netflix, Inc.. This application and its developer are in no way affiliated with Netflix, Inc..

General features:

– Clicking on extension icon will open Netflix page in new tab
– Clicking on extension status icon in video player, disable/enable all extension features
– Hiding extension status icon (can be changed in configuration)
– Extension has an options menu which allows you to change extension behaviour, this is accessible via icon that is shown when hovering on extension status icon or in extension configuration of Chrome Browser
– Extension adds coloured icon at Netflix video player controls that indicate extension state and show more extension info when hovered upon
– Extension will try to automatically recover if it stops working or updates itself

Title screen key bindings:

– Press R in browser or search screen to start a random title excluding disliked titles (can be changed in configuration)

Title screen features:

– If configured, extension will try to obtain and show title ratings on title details screen (turned off by default, note that this feature makes internet calls on background to gather these ratings from
– If configured, automatically mute trailer on browser page if not muted (with ability to temporary unmute)
– If configured, automatically remove any trailer video from browser page if present (WARNING: This feaure is currently disabled due to changes on Netflix side that cuases issues while using extension)
– If configured, extension will be hiding all video story description to stop spoilers
– If configured, extension will be hiding all disliked titles

Video player key bindings:

– Press N in player if you want to go to the next episode during the current episode (can be changed in configuration)
– Press B in player if you want to go to the previous episode during the current episode (can be changed in configuration)
– Press Escape in player to return to browser (can be changed in configuration)
– Press Up Arrow in player to increase volume (original Netflix feature)
– Press Down Arrow in player to decrease volume (original Netflix feature)
– Press M in player to mute/unmute (original Netflix feature)
– Press Space/Enter in player to play/pause (original Netflix feature)
– Press Right Arrow in player to skip forward (original Netflix feature)
– Press Left Arrow in player to skip backward (original Netflix feature)
– Press F in player to make video full screen (origina

You can check out more details about the chrome extension on

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This plugin has around 200000 users and 4170 reviews.

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