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Last updated: 5 March 2019
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500px extension for chrome browser

Opens a new random image whenever you open a new tab in chrome.

* Pre fetch images for smooth performance
* Displays image Exif data and details in modal
* Choose between different streams: popular, editors choice, upcoming, fresh.
* You can use your custom 500px consumer key for 500px API calls.

# NOTE #
* This is an Unofficial 500px extension. Uses 500px API calls to fetch images from its feed.
* 500px name, logo and images are copyright of 500px and respective image owners.

# Updates #

* Added navigation icons to navigate next/previous images
* Added keyboard shortcuts to handle left/right keypress and load previous/next image. (Focus should be inside the page for keyboard shortcuts to work)
* Added keyboard shortcuts to load image info modal (i), to reload images (r) and to show chrome apps list (a).

You can check out more details about the chrome extension on

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This chrome extension has around 588 users and 8 reviews.

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