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Last updated: 18 October 2018
Author: ,,Telerik® by Progress®
Price: Free
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ADDieMath is a simple and fun tool that kids can use to learn and master ADDition, subtraction, multiplication and division fact tables. ADDieMath provides the challenge of timed problem solving, the tracking of learning progress, and the flexibility of various levels and operations! ADDieMath is….

The Player works to complete a comprehensive Program for each operation. ADDieMath provides detailed results and history to track progress and to identify challenging problems. The Player is timed for each problem to encourage him/her to quickly recall the answer.

A Program consists of the full table of problem combinations (0 to 10) for a specific operation. A Program is divided into several Sessions where a set of problems is answered. The problems for each Session are selected randomly, moving from easier to more difficult. A Program is finished over several days/weeks when the Player has completed (answered correctly twice in a row) all problems.

ADDieMath is simple and straight-forward. A child will be able to start the game and intuitively start playing right away. The interface is colorful and uncomplicated. The Player can enter answers by either using the mouse with a basic on-screen number pad or using the keyboard, whichever he/she is more comfortable with.

ADDieMath allows the child to create multiple Players and Programs at one of three Speeds. Multiple Players can be created for siblings or friends. Each Player can create multiple Programs, for any of the operations: Complete Fact Tables (+, -, ├Ś, ├Ě) or Specific Number Facts. Each Program can be created with a Speed of Slow, Medium or Fast, and with a Level of Basic or Advanced for increased difficulty.

Offline Play:
ADDieMath is created to run within your browser without requiring any new accounts or passwords to remember. It can even be used while the device is offline, such using a laptop while driving in the car, or a phone on a plane, etc.

How to Play:

1. Create Player: If you want to create a new Player, tap the New Player button at the bottom of the screen, enter new Player Name, and tap Create.

2. Select Program: Tap on the Program that you want to Play. Tap on the Program name to play the Program or tap on the grid icon next to the Program name to see your progress for the Program.

3. Create Program: Click on New Program for the Player you want to create a New Program for. Select an Operation, a Speed (Slow, Medium, Fast), a Level (Basic

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This plugin has around 50 users and 3 reviews.

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