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Last updated: 4 September 2019
Author:,[email protected],jeremias.roessler
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
I present here the recent important data:
PrettyPrintGmail is back!

PrettyPrintGmail lets you print Gmail emails easily and prettily. Simply select all the emails you’d like to print, press the extension icon next to your address bar, and hey, presto! Your selected emails will get printed. Bonus: it removes the Google logo and other junk from the print view as well!
Only want to print a single email in a long thread? Simply click the down arrow near top-right of the email (next to the reply button), and select Print. Voila, prettified email.

IF YOU’RE TRYING TO PRINT MORE THAN ONE PAGE OF EMAILS: Because the extension doesn’t have any access to your Gmail account, it can only print the emails currently being displayed on your screen. This means that if you want to print an entire label’s worth of emails, you’ll have to do that one page at a time. Note that Gmail lets you configure how many emails appear on the screen at one time up to a maximum of 100. Check this guide for more info on how to configure that:

Pressing the extension icon getting annoying? Try Alt+P. If that doesn’t work, follow this guide to firmly set a shortcut for Pretty Print Gmail:


MULTIPLE PRINTING: From the Gmail main page, select all the emails you want to print, and press the extension icon (printer button). You can also press Alt+P instead of pressing extension icon but if some thing else uses this shortcut then it won’t have the intended effect.
Note that all of your emails will be compiled into one document. This takes time, so please be patient.

PERSONALIZE YOUR PRINTING: Right click extension icon and press Options. Now, select whether you’d like subject / from / to / date + time to be printed for your emails!

SINGLE THREAD PRINTING: Simply open an email thread, and press extension icon.

SINGLE EMAIL IN LONG THREAD PRINTING: Open the particular email you want to print, click the down arrow near top-right of the email (next to the reply button), and select Print. Voila, prettified email. Check screenshot #3 if this is confusing.


Q. It’s not working 🙁
A. Aww. You can head on over to and if you give me a full debug log, I promise to prioritize and look into the error you’re getting.

Q. Wrong emails are being selected for printing 🙁
A. Refresh Gmail – Go to la

You can check out more details about the plugin on

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This chrome extension has around 20000 users and 803 reviews.

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