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Last updated: 12 July 2019
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Be more productive with Google Calendar thanks to extra functionality provided by Google Calendar Plus.

Recent Changes:
Added Calendar selection for “Month Show Busy Dates”
Fixed a bug preventing full screen use with GCalPlus
Fixed bug where “Add Create Event for Year Previews” ignored the option setting.
Fixed a bug with the option “Add Create Event to Year Previews”
improved “Show More Events in Month View” to allow full screen mode calendar browsing with this option enabled.
Please note: you must return to full-screen mode manually if the page is refreshed with this option set.
Removed Alert when tokens are refreshed

IMPORTANT: To enable GCalPlus functions after installation, please check the boxes in the pop-out that opens when you click the GCal Plus Icon in the Chrome navigation bar, next to your User Icon, top right. You will also need to reload the page for some settings to take effect, and “authorise” for other options.

What can GCalPlus do?

Months Show Busy Dates: Authorise GCalPlus and enable “Months Show Busy Dates” to see at a glance on which days have events in the selected calendar. This works in all month previews, not only the year view!

Multiple Copy: First click “authorise GCalPlus” in the plugin settings popout and authorise GCalPlus to access to your calendars. When authorised for Google Calendar, GCalPlus adds a new “Multiple Copy…” entry to the Options menu for every event (top right menu in the tile that opens when you click an event). You can copy/duplicate events to the same calendar directly from any view – month, day, week, 4 day, year or schedule; You can copy events to the same date (duplicate the event), copy to a new date, or copy to multiple dates. Please note: repeat series will not be copied entirely, only the selected occurrence of the event will be copied. Please note: your system must use the same TimeZone setting as the Google Calendar for which you are copying events for the best results.

More All Day Events: With this option you can display twice as many All Day events in the Weekly and Daily views.

Show Titles On Hover: When activated, this option will display a popup of the full event title when you hover over events.

Expand Overlapping Week Events: when you hover over timed events in the Week view this options expands the tiles to full width, and brings the event to the front for easier viewing.

Show More Events in Month View: with this option you’ll get see at least twice as many events per day i

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This chrome extension has around 5000 users and 20 reviews.

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