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Last updated: 16 February 2020
Author:,[email protected],Vinay Kaparthi
Price: Free
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We give you here the actual useful information:
This does not work in Google Docs, Google Search, or Gmail, due to their design. After installing the extension, try it out in to see if it works.

This extension allows you to easily insert accented characters through fast and intuitive key combinations. To insert an accented character, type Control+Accent, followed by the character. For example, to insert an á, you would type Control + ‘ followed by a.

Note: Press and hold down Control. Then press the accent key. Release both keys and press the character the accent should be applied to.

## Key Combinations ##:

Control + ‘ + character = acute accent (á)
Control + ` + character = grave accent (à)
Control + ~ + character = tilde accent (ã)

Control + : + character = umlaut/diaeresis (ï)
Control + ^ + character = circumflex accent (â)
Control + , + character = cedilla accent (ç)
Control + 0 + character = ring accent (å)
Control + ^ + character = caron accent (š)

Control + Shift + ? = spanish question mark (¿)
Control + ! + ! = spanish exclamation mark (¡)

The plugin requires read keystroke and modify content permissions so the extension can accept key combinations and insert characters.

You can check out more details about the chrome extension using

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This plugin has around 722 users and 3 reviews.

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