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Last updated: 18 July 2019
Author:,[email protected],master3395
Price: Free
This extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.2857
I give you below the most useful data:
“Easy Search” changes the default omnibox search provider to

Type anything in the address bar and you get search results offered by Easy search.



1) Click on the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser.

2) Go to “Settings”.

3) In the menu that appears click on “Extensions”.

4) From the list of installed Extensions, find “Easy Search”.

5) Click on “REMOVE”.

6) Close your browser completely and reopen it. “Easy Search” should be removed from your Chrome browser.

You can check out more details about this chrome extension on

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This extension has around 10000 users and 74 reviews.

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