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Last updated: 11 September 2019
Author: ,,Stefan vd
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This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.2857
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Copper is the CRM for G Suite users. This Chrome extension makes Copper CRM available natively within Gmail.

By downloading and installing this you will start a FREE 14-day trial of Copper CRM – no credit card necessary!

Copper CRM is embedded in Gmail to help you:

– View and update contact details and activity
– Update sales opportunities right from your inbox
– Know when someone opened your email and what they clicked on with email tracking
– Increase productivity with email templates, meeting scheduling, and more.

Manage sales, customer relationships and get email tracking inside Gmail with Copper.

Copper CRM for Gmail:

Manage leads and clients right from your inbox. See all your email history and meetings, log notes and follow up on tasks—all without ever leaving Gmail. There’s no learning curve because Copper is designed to live inside the Google apps you’re already using. It looks and feels familiar to G Suite so its intuitive and beautiful.

Copper is the CRM for Google apps that organizes and tracks everything in one place. All of your contact details, emails, calls, files, notes are tied together so you can see the big picture. Get a better understanding of where your business is coming from and who your best customers are with Copper’s ability to tag, filter and sort your leads and customers.

As the recommended Google apps CRM, you’ll never forget anything again. Get real-time alerts delivered to your Gmail inbox to remind you to follow-up on hot leads and deals that are getting stale—so nothing slips through the cracks and your sales pipeline is always full.

Create and share email templates to save time. Access all your templates directly from Gmail. Plus, track when emails sent through Gmail are opened so you can have timely, follow ups.

Every conversation and meeting is tracked in your contacts’ profiles so you can get the big picture (and little details) without having to comb through multiple places or ask a bunch of different people. With Copper, the recommended Google CRM, everybody can see what’s going on and is on the same page.

Copper, the CRM for Google, means you don’t have to dig around the internet to find people’s contact details (like phone numbers, social media, company descriptions)—Copper automatically searches the internet and updates your contact records for you.


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This extension has around 60000 users and 525 reviews.

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