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Last updated: 23 November 2018
Author: ,,François Beaufort
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
We present below the actual important information:
Don’t like the new “New Tab” page with the Google logo and search bar since Chrome 33? Install this extension to get the previous “New Tab” page back!

Please read the troubleshooting section below if this extension does not load.

New features:

– Fix blank most visited page in Chrome 60.
– Add an option to hide the footer bar.
– Recently closed tabs and other device pages are available in Chrome 37. You can enable this feature in the options page of this extension.
– Dragging a link into the apps page will generate an app as a bookmark.
– Change the app launch type when right clicking an app.
– Create app shortcuts in the right-click menu of an app.
– Change the number of most visited thumbnails and apps in the options page.
– Remove apps by dragging the app to the trash bin at the lower right corner.

I added a lot of these new features in the Chrome browser in the past months. They are available starting from Chrome 37.

There are a lot of limitations now due to Google’s new design. It’s impossible to get some features back, such as the top right “sign in” feature in the old new tab page.

This extension only works when Google is the default search engine.
Try to disable other new tab page related apps if this one does not load.

If this extension doesn’t load in Chrome 61, try the following steps (workarounds):

– Open Chrome settings and change the search engine from Google to Bing.
– Open a new tab page to see Bing’s home page.
– Change the search engine back to Google.
– Open a new tab page and this extension will load correctly.

(For Chrome version under 36) Try to go to settings -> Show advanced settings… -> Enable “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar”.

Fix showing the most visited page in Chrome 48+.
Work around service worker bug in Chrome 46.
Fix “keep loading” bug (the refresh button always shows X).
Fix opening recent links for Chrome 43+.
Fix compatibility issues with Chrome 40+ and fix blank pages sometimes.
Close the current tab after launching app.
Add features selection in the options page.
Add “Show Webstore” and “Apps per Row” options.
Show web store in apps page.
Enable “view in webstore” if the homepage link exists.
Avoid getting cached app icons.
Add apps ordering and paging support.
Prevent from the most visited borders becoming black when navigating.
Use the default font on Mac and Linux.
Add troubleshooting section in the options page.
Fix bookmark app i

You can find more details about the chrome extension on

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This plugin has around 20000 users and 36 reviews.

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