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Last updated: 29 August 2019
Author: ,,Screely
Price: US$4.99
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We present here the actual important information:
Discover a new way to manipulate colours!

With its simple and fun interface, manipulate and use colours in a 3-dimensional environment.
Enjoy the logs to reuse your favorite colours.

You like a colour on a website? So get it back with the integrated pipette in the extension!
Click … and it’s already copied!

You can also convert a value to the desired format with the colour converter.

►► Features ◄◄
+ 3D colour picker
+ Eyedropper to select a colour on a webpage.
+ Gradient generator
+ Colour converter
+ Click and paste. Automatic copy to the clipboard.
+ Reuse your colours with colour history.
+ Keyboard shortcuts
+ Use the eyedropper directly with the right click (shortcuts in the context menu).
+ Lot of settings available for the eyedropper, colour picker and interface.
+ 4 supported colour formats (Hexadecimal, RGB, HSL and X11)

A very practical tool for every developer and every graphic designer!

Experience the AKColor!

►► Official website

►► Feedback & Bug report
[email protected]

You can check out more information about the extension using

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This chrome extension has around 7 users and 1 reviews.

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