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Last updated: 14 December 2016
Author: ,[email protected],Vidyard
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of 0.1429
I present below the actual important information:
Create a link to a list of all of the tabs open in your current Chrome window!

Simple, fast and with a tiny footprint, it’s now easy to share a bunch of links you’re looking at, to anyone, anywhere, anytime, using only one link! Just click the button, wait a split second and a single link will appear.

Access the link to customise it, add content and share it!

Check out a demo of what you can do with a link here:

Over 3 million links created so far!

v4.14 – 29/12/15 – Added button to close other tabs (like onetab)
v4.10 – 27/12/15 – Merry Christmas! Added evernote link and button to open the new link directly
v4.8 – 22/12/15 – https support
v4.5 – 04/12/15 – New website, icon etc.
v3.6 – 17/10/13 – users can now edit their links / register an account etc.
v3.5 – 06/10/13 – launch
v3.2 – 10/04/12 Added sharing buttons & new site design!
v3.1 – 16/03/12 Updated for compatibility with new site design
v2.0 – 04/02/12 Switched to a brand new domain: – extension is faster and better, with more improvements to come!
v1.0 – 30/05/11 – First version!

You can find more information about this extension on

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This plugin has around 2000000 users and 2628 reviews.

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