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Last updated: 25 March 2020
Author:,,The Chrome team
Price: Free
This plugin is very popular with each days reviews of 2.5000
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**************************** ?BIG NEWS ?******************************
All of our recording features are now free! Enjoy unlimited recordings up
to 5 minutes each – with no watermark, ever! We’ve also unlocked video
trimming and export options for free users ?

Screencastify is Chrome’s most trusted screen recorder.

✔ Millions and millions of weekly users
✔ 2.6 million hours recorded in 2019
✔ #1 most installed Chrome screen recorder
✔ Incredibly easy to learn and use

? Record
▸ Desktop, browser tab or webcam capture
▸ Narrate with your microphone’s audio
▸ Embed your webcam into the recording
▸ Full HD resolution

✄ Edit
▸ Trim the start and end of your videos
▸ Draw on your tab with the pen tool
▸ Merge, crop, and add text to videos (upgrade required)

? Share
▸ Videos autosave to Google Drive
▸ Copy shareable Drive link with one click
▸ Publish directly to your YouTube channel
▸ Share to Google Classroom
▸ Save and manage videos locally
▸ Export as MP4, animated GIF, or MP3


“Screencastify is the simplest tool I’ve ever used to record my screen. Even my 3rd graders picked it up instantly.” – Jillian B. (Elementary School Teacher)

“Screencastify is just awesome. I used to use bulky screencast / screenshot software…including SnagIt, Camtasia AND Screencast-O-Matic. Screencastify does everything I need and lives right in my browser.” – Devon L. (Product Manager)

“I set up all 1200 of my district’s students with Screencastify in two clicks. It was almost TOO easy!” – Greg P. (Director of Technology)

“As a UX designer, I’m head over heels in love with Screencastify. I can record, watch and listen to a user’s every reaction and movement. It’s so awesome.” – Harry H. (UX Designer)


How do people use Screencastify for screen recording and capture?

? Education:
▸ Strong enough for universities, safe enough for kindergarteners
▸ Top Pick
▸ Teachers save time, increase effectiveness
▸ Perfect for flipped classrooms
▸ Enable more 1:1 feedback
▸ Language, public speaking, comprehension practice
▸ Designed for Chromebooks
▸ Google Suite, Google Apps For Education and Google Classroom ready

? UX Designers:
▸ Capture detailed user experiences
▸ Track facial reactions on webcam
▸ Find and demonstrate bugs with videos

? Marketers:
▸ Users prefer video over any other medium

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This plugin has around 400000 users and 1565 reviews.

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