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Last updated: 23 March 2020
Author:,,Yare Offline
Price: Free
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This extension allows you to download full resolution screenshots of YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and videos on most other websites without seeing the player controls or the surrounding webpage.

Once installed, click on the extension button in the top right of Chrome to choose which sites Video Screenshotter will appear on. The extension starts with only YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo activated.

When a video begins to play, you’ll see a camera icon appear alongside the normal player controls. Each time you click the camera button or a keyboard shortcut of your choosing, a screenshot is created of the video from its current frame at full resolution and without player controls. The screenshot is then saved in your downloads folder as a JPG or PNG.

Since this extension is reliant on other websites, it will need to be updated periodically as those websites evolve. Please contact me directly if you have issues with this extension on either of these sites, or if you have any suggestions!

You can check out more details about the plugin on

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This chrome extension has around 100000 users and 709 reviews.

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