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Last updated: 25 March 2020
Author: ,[email protected],Bart Solutions
Price: Free
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1.5.6 Released:
– Added support for manifest_version 2.
– Removed Google Wave support.

– Check your favorite Google services (GMail, Reader, Voice, hopefully more coming).
– Only one toolbar button, shows you all you need to know.
– Notifications when something new pops up.
– Customization options and tweaks for every step of the process.
– A nice big “0” when you’ve read everything!

Coming eventually:

– Going to replace the service icons with some of this guy’s work, if I can get permission:
– Update the “nav bar” on the options page to match the current style.
– More services (Twitter, Calendar, Docs, Buzz all being considered).
– A focus on unread items and greater interactivity with them from within One Number.

KNOWN BUGS (I’ll fix them as soon as I can):
– Always appears to be logged out – Turn off the experiment to block third-party cookies from being read to fix this… it seems to not be compatible with
– People don’t like the icon (I will probably add a selection ability for the icon as well as service icons. But not in the next bug fix release, sorry. I might do a 1.6 release before 2.0 with this in it though. I may also redo the icon to fit with the Chrome default theme colors better.)
– People don’t like Google Reader jumping to All Items (will add a toggle).
– Gmail previews may be malformed if they can be parsed as HTML (whoops).

Please report any other bugs to [email protected]

You can find more details about the plugin on

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This chrome extension has around 40000 users and 685 reviews.

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