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Last updated: 16 March 2017
Author: ,[email protected],punxnot
Price: Free
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I present here the most important information:
LanSchool v8.0 classroom management software is an award winning software program designed to help teachers teach more effectively in a computer-based classroom. (Please note that this application will only function in a LanSchool-managed classroom environment.)

The LanSchool Student for Chromebook operates within the LanSchool environment providing many of the same features as the desktop LanSchool Student for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

The LanSchool Student for Chromebook will have the following benefits for students, teachers, professors or corporate trainers:

Assess Student Understanding – Students can be quickly polled during a lecture and can reply to True/False, Multiple Choice or Verbal questions sent by the LanSchool Teacher.

Help Individual Students – The Student can interact with the Teacher by sending and receiving messages. Students can silently send questions or request help. A small question mark appears on the teacher’s console when a Student sends a question.

View Student Thumbnails – Student thumbnails appear on the Teacher Console allowing teachers a quick overview of what the students are working on.

Show Student Details – The details view of Chromebook Student will show student name, machine name, last website, last question and Teacher channel.

Testing – The LanSchool Teacher can send a test to the Chromebook Student and collect the test results. Test questions can include True / False, Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Essay questions. Images can also be attached to each test question.

Show Teacher Screen – The LanSchool Teacher has the ability to share a screen to all or select Students allowing them to follow along.

Web Browsing – Temporarily disable all or selected student access to the web across browser. The Teacher controls the sites the Student may browse to or may direct the Student to specific sites.

Internet History – Shows a searchable list of web sites visited by the selected student, which may be saved to a file.

Blank Screen – The Teacher may blank-out all student screens and disable keyboard and mouse.

Run URL – This feature allows a Teacher to run a web site on student computers.

Class list support – Chromebook Student will respond to Teacher request to be loaded into a class.

The LanSchool Student is a free app, but requires LanSchool v8.0 to run in a classroom.

Please visit for more information.

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This extension has around 645 users and 3 reviews.

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