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Last updated: 27 March 2020
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ShadowPay TradeManager is an app to help you trade Steam skins fast and safely. It prevents you from being scammed, accepting duplicate and fake trades.
— As soon as your skin listed on ShadowPay is purchased, the extension initiates trade with the buyer and will ask you to verify the trade in mobile authenticator app.
The extension will also mark the trade offer as valid and related to ShadowPay system.
— The extension will automatically accept trade from seller when you purchase a skin once the trade offer is created.
The extension will mark the trade offer as valid and related to ShadowPay system.

Attention! Accept trades carefully as trades with different user (not the one who purchased your skin) will not grant you any balance.
Also, If the time to accept the trade runs out, the extension will cancel the trade offer in order to protect you from accepting it too late.

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This extension has around 3000 users and 18 reviews.

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