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Last updated: 15 November 2019
Author: ,[email protected],
Price: Free
This extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 23.6667
We present below the most useful information:
>>> Batch delete Social Book posts/items
>>> hide/unhide, unlike
>>> Support All Languages on Social Book

The extension is free to use for everyone.

* Facebook (TM) is a registered trade mark of Facebook. The author of this extension is by no mean associated or affiliated with Facebook. This extension uses absolutely NO any Facebook APIs, and it’s therefore not binding with any Facebook APIs licenses. All the occurrences of the word “Facebook” is for descriptive purpose only, and hence it’s legally allowed.


“Social Book Post Manager” helps you to delete your posts through the activity log, which include posts by you, and by other persons/apps. You may specify “Year”, “Month”, “Text Contains”, and “Text Not Contains” filters for posts to delete. Plus the activity log filters provided by Facebook (TM), you have full control of which posts to delete, and which posts to keep. Recent new features:

1) Text filters support AND/OR conditions.
2) Prescan the activity log. You can then select exactly which individual entries that you want to delete/hide/unhide/unlike/change privacy settings.
3) Hide/unhide timeline items.
4) Unlike items.

ALL the features are FREE for you to use, and totally UNLIMITED. If you are satisfied, please leave me some feedback. Also please feel free to give me suggestion, and bug reports if any.

>>> The process is slow. It simulates your mouse click on delete button one-by-one. This is the intentional limitation by Facebook (TM). There is no way to bypass it. <<<

>>> Any other Chrome extension may conflict with this extension. If it’s not working, please follow the instruction to remove/disable other Chrome extensions temporarily. Then restart Chrome and try again. <<<

>>> Use filter features as much as possible, and try limit the number of posts to be processed. The more data need to be processed, the more likely your browser and the Facebook (TM) server will fail to function properly. It’s recommended to process one month at a time, unless you are sure there isn’t many posts left to be processed.<<<


Notes: The scanning/deletion process takes a LONG time to finish, depending on number of posts involved. Because Facebook (TM) does not want the users to easily remove posts, they don’t provide any functi

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This plugin has around 300000 users and 41527 reviews.

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