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Last updated: 9 February 2020
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Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Sudoku game field is a 9х9 square, divided into smaller squares with a side of 3 cells. Sudoku starts with some pre-filled fields. Your goal is to fill the rest of the fields without breaking the constraints that each number can only be once in each row, column and box.

The basic Sudoku gameplay, which will be enough to solve many easy Sudoku puzzles, is simply to look at an empty field and eliminate all numbers that are already present in the row, column and box it belongs to. In many cases, this will be enough to find the correct number. And of course, as soon as you’ve found the right number for one field, it will be easier to figure out other fields in the same row, column or box.

The complexity of Sudoku depends on the number of cells that were first filled. You can choose the desired level of difficulty from the beginner to the advanced.

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