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Last updated: 25 March 2020
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.1429
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Whit this app you can use to create sticky notes. The sticky notes are persistent in nature meaning your created sticky notes will be there the next time you open up the app. The app uses HTML5’s localStorage feature in order to store the sticky notes.. In short, it is sticky notes for web !


Add text and lists with basic HTML tags
Multiple colors
Customize Allowable HTML tags
Real sticky notes look
Nice hand-writing-like font

Post it here, post it there…
Are you one of those people that use sticky notes or post it in your cubicle, desk or walls in your office?
If yes don’t you think it a bit weird seeing notes around you…?
Now you can be more organize and have s nice surroundings with “Sticky Memos”.
Everything you need to remember will be in your computer or laptop.
Add as many sticky notes you can and delete it after if needed.

If you are a busy person it is expected that everything will be remember. There is some stuff that might slip your mind. And that should be a no no.

One thing comes in mind in order to not forget something especially if one has a busy schedule is to use a sticky note or post it. I’m not against this but if you have experience or have use one isn’t it a bit off seeing a lot of sticky note around your table, cubicle, computer, laptop or even the wall. It can’t be a bit irritating looking at it especially if there so much sticky note around.

With “Sticky Memos” you will have a different working environment. It will be a clean and organize one. No sticky notes will be seen around you. All you need is just encode all the stuff you need to remind of.

Sticky Memos is so easy to use. Just edit the date and time needed and type in what you need to remember. After you have done you can delete the sticky note individually.

Sticky Memos has these colorful sticky notes for each note you save.

You will surely love using Sticky Memos and it will make your life easier.

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This plugin has around 1000000 users and 1429 reviews.

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    create chrome Sticky Notes

    Make an extension just like Sticky Notes

    Last updated: 17 February 2020
    Author:,[email protected],Louis
    Price: Free
    This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
    We present here the most important data:
    TagUI converts your intentions from various human languages to lines of working JavaScript code that perform automation of web interactions. This extension helps you teach the computer what to automate.

    TagUI can be downloaded free from below website link. No setup is needed, unzip and run on macOS, Linux, Windows. It’s a full-feature tool, so there’s nothing to upgrade to or any paid subscription.

    – command-line tool for process automation
    – automate web browser visibly or headlessly
    – visual automation of websites and desktop
    – write in 20+ human languages & JavaScript
    – R & Python integration for big data / AI / ML

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    This chrome extension has around 400000 users and 7638 reviews.

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    outsource extension Sticky Notes

    Create an extension similar to Sticky Notes

    Last updated: 21 January 2020
    Author: ,,TheRealGhost
    Price: Free
    This extension is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.1429
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    Your browser will play out in fresh colours with the application Lord Krishna! This app is a new way to organise your bookmarks! Installing our application you will be able to enjoy high-quality photos of your favorite theme. Now starting work on your computer, instead of a boring habitual background, beautiful wallpapers will be waiting for you on new tab! In our application, we collected the most popular photos and images, a lot of unique themes with Lord Krishna. A huge selection of available wallpapers will please you with its diversity! Every day you will be waiting for a new amazing theme in new tab with us!
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