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Last updated: 1 May 2013
Author:,[email protected],Yousif Shanshel
Price: Free
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Wayback Machine detects error codes 404, 408, 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526 and checks to see if archived versions of the URLs requested are available. If they are, a message will be displayed offering the opportunity to view the archived version.

New in version 2.4

– Wayback Machine Site Search (note this is not full-text search)
– Show overview of all Archives of a URL (calendar view by year)
– Information from Alexa and Whois
– Sample of Tweets that reference the active URL
– Site Map (based on archived URLs) – visualize archives of a site and click through for the playback of specific URLs

New in version 1.3.2

– Save Page Now (Archive URLs to the Wayback Machine)
– Recent Version (Show the most recent version via the Wayback Machine)
– First Version (Show the first version via the Wayback Machine)

To test this try going to:

You can find more details about the extension on

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This chrome extension has around 89 users and 2 reviews.

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