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Last updated: 6 February 2020
Author:,[email protected],Super Evil Mega Co
Price: Free
This extension is quite popular with each days reviews of +- 0.1250
We give you here the recent important data:
Firstly : The extension is mostly useful if you have a lot of bookmarks. Also, any feedback is appreciated, especially positive ones or the ones about any improvements.

BASIC IDEA: This extension is primarily meant for viewing bookmarks on full screen and also managing them. It edits the bookmarks in chrome browser itself – move / rename / delete etc. The extension shows bookmarks saved in your browser on full screen in a new tab. The extension does not upload your data anywhere, as it is not needed.
Also, it does not affect syncing in any way – if you want to sync, you can turn sync on in your browser – this is just an editor.
SORT: If you have trouble finding bookmarks on the page, click sort button- it shows folders first alphabetically and then bookmarks sorted by web address. However if you want to rearrange on bookmarks bar, you need to do so without sorting – sort always shows items alphabetically.

HOW I USE THIS: I personally use it to view all my bookmarks occasionally and to hide some of their names so that they show as simply icons on the bookmarks bar(use right click). Also it is useful when searching something – the extension gives better access to bookmarks just saved and folders. I sometimes save new bookmarks on bookmarks bar and then rearrange using this extension.

NO UPLOAD REQUIRED: This extension runs locally in chrome and does not upload or download anything from web. It just opens an instructions website(to be updated and its with ads) in a ‘sandbox’ ‘iframe’ on the side, if you are online.
I have tried to make this extension simple, intuitive and useful – any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated.

Also, if you press F12 and then click console, it shows the time it took the to set up database – time to access data, arrange the data and then start showing things on screen.

It provides basic functionality – show all bookmarks, recent bookmarks and search – using 3 menu buttons on side. The extension also has basic features such as drag and drop to rearrange bookmarks. Also a lot of functionality works through right click.

Apart from this there are other features such as:-
* You can drop bookmark folders on side menu on left – this pins the folder there. This is useful if you have too many bookmarks in a single folder because now when you click on the side menu, the folder is opened in full view – filling the entire page with its content – like in file system. Also you can drop files on the pinned folders.

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This extension has around 200000 users and 3677 reviews.

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