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Last updated: 31 August 2019
Author: ,[email protected],omnray
Price: Free
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I give you below the actual important data:
Probably the best qr code generation and recognition plugin on the market.Adhering to the tiny but useful ideas, Here are some of its features:

1. Link to edit and qr code is generated in real time
2. QRCode can be cached information, and can be used across the TAB
3. QRCode Title and url can modify and save
4. QRCode can be downloaded and saved
5. Support dynamic IP replacement
6. Support QRCode generation and recognition
7. Support identify the QR code in the video
8. Support history and history import and export
9. More international language support
10. Support offline operation
11. Support for short links
12. Support novice guidance
13. Quick and friendly experience

*** v2.8.0 -2020.03.01 ***

1. Upgraded right-click screenshot recognition QR code function
2. Prompt copy update

*** v2.7.0 -2019.12.24 ***

1. Support screenshot recognition function, you can identify the QR code in the video

*** v2.6.1 -2019.12.18 ***

1. Fixed the problem that the intranet IP (the intranet IP is used to replace the placeholder local function) cannot be displayed without the QR code
2. Enhance the QR code recognition ability, add local recognition timeout mechanism, 2 seconds without recognition will automatically switch to online recognition

*** v2.6.0 -2019.12.15 ***

1. Added exception log collection, and the abnormal information can be reported back to the developer in time (only reported when an error is reported, please rest assured that it does not contain any user data at all)
2. Optimize the external network IP acquisition logic on the homepage (ip is used to automatically replace the placeholder ip function), and it is updated only once an hour to speed up the opening of the homepage layer again.

1. Fix setting page to get remote configuration logic, configuration from cache also needs to be processed

*** v2.5.0 -2019.12.03 ***
1. Generate the QR code to show the best match by default, you can also change the configuration in the settings
2. Optimize performance and speed up QR code display

1. Initially load home configuration to avoid white screen issues for some users
2. Configure to load only once a day to avoid repeated requests

*** v2.4.1 -2019.11.17 ***
1. Fix the problem that the fast conversion link contains “local” error
2. Modify the novice guide copy
3. Modify the plugin description
4. Modify the page address of the uninstall plugin jump
5. Add some features to bury

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This plugin has around 8000 users and 39 reviews.

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