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Make a plugin similar to Text to speech that brings productivity

Last updated: 2 September 2018
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Pluto TV is the best way to watch free TV and movies in your browser. Add to Chrome now to experience over 100+ channels of news, sports, movies, TV shows and more!

? Access anytime you are online
➤ Pluto TV doesn’t require any login or paid account. Enjoy premium TV and movies, no matter what day or time it is.

? Easy-to-use Search
➤ Access our handy Search feature to search for your favorite shows, movies and channels right from your browser.

? Your favorite Videos on Demand
➤ Browse through Pluto TV’s vast library of top TV shows and movies 24/7 with the new video-on-demand feature.

? Something for everyone
➤ Whether it’s the latest sports news, breaking news, or superhero movies, Pluto TV has it all. Choose your favorite genre to stream using our easy-to-use extension and instantly see great programming that’s relevant to your interests.

? Alerts when your favorite show is on
➤ Our chrome extension notifies you when a new show is on Pluto TV, so you never have to be kept in the dark when new shows or movies are added. In the middle of something important? We offer the flexibility to mute our notifications at any time.

? Up-to-date channel listings
➤ Looking for something to watch? The Pluto TV extension provides one-click access to our TV Guide with links to watch all of the shows on our network.

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This chrome extension has around 30000 users and 239 reviews.

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