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Last updated: 13 February 2018
Author: ,,Sevina
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Today, everybody searches for something on the internet. It’s so common.

When you surf the internet with leaving sites that would be helpful as tabs, your browser get a pile of tabs…

In addition, because it’s mixed with other purpose sites, you can’t also recognize what these are without opening.

Have you ever got such an experience?

If you use the “AsideLinks”, such a trouble clearly go away!

You can create a “list on your mind” with the click a page while pressing the A key. When you solve a problem, you just click × button to delete an item.

It can be used as “list to read after”. Today’s list is automatically deleted when you close the browser.

It support two types of sequence order by time series and by site domain with time series.

If you have set pages “AsideLinks”, you’ll be surprised at neat tabs.

Please try it once!











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