outsource chrome the smurfs movie

Make an extension similar to the smurfs movie

Last updated: 9 February 2019
Author: ,,ChromePosta
Price: Free
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We give you below the most important data:
Yes! You are about to get the best new tab ever! We created Toradora for all you fans, enjoy the best stunning themes and other awesome gimmicks every time you open a new tab!
You’re probably wondering what is that awesome new tab you’re getting? Well, your new tab page will be redesigned to match our Toradora software standards and some of your browser’s functionalities will be updated as well in order to fully enjoy our lovely services.
We hope you have fun using our Toradora software and tell your friends all about it.
So what do we have inline on Toradora for you?
-Fun games you can play all day long.
-Accurate clock (to the second!) and a weather analysis specific to your location.
-Task Bar – no way you’ll forget to do anything again.
-And of course, our proud and glory – amazing Toradora images to set from for your new tab page!

*How To Delete Our Toradora product*
If for any reason you wish to erase this product, you can do that by going to the product board on your chrome settings and just delete the wanted product.
If you have any questions/ideas/reviews about Toradora that you think can be helpful, let us know! We will love to hear and get better 🙂

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This extension has around 1000 users and 26 reviews.

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