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Last updated: 9 April 2018
Author:,[email protected],DW-dev
Price: Free
This extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.1250
I give you below the actual important information:
From now, you can send links of video files to your media player AuraHD or MAG Set-Top Box and watch them comfortably on the big display of your TV set.

The MAGic Cast extension icon will turn blue if there is a link to send on the webpage. Click on the extension icon and the link to the video will be sent to all devices that are listed in MAGic Cast settings.

All sent links to videos are located in the MAGic Cast application on your AuraHD or MAG. Links on these devices will work, even if your computer is switched off.

You can find more details about this chrome extension on

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This extension has around 4000 users and 21 reviews.

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