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Last updated: 11 December 2019
Author: ,,Change The Way You Web
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This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 2.3750
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Click&Clean is an innovative and totally free solution for your PC, Mac or Chromebook, that will help you to:

– Scan your PC for Malware
– Delete your browsing history
– Remove download history
– Erase temporary files
– Clear cookies and Empty cache
– Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
– Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
– Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity
– Clean up your hard drives and free up more disk space.

This powerful solution enables you to do all that mentioned above instantly,
with one click on the TP roll icon in the Chrome toolbar.








– to open and manage the following extension services: “History Viewer”, “Cache Viewer”, “Cookie Wiper”, “Privacy Test”, “Forget this Page”, “Feedback”, required for the following features: “Securily Close Browser”, “Close All Tabs before Cleaning”, “Reload Active Tabs after Cleaning”, “Prevent Access to the Default History”.

– to remove browsing history, cache, cookies, local storage, etc.

– to display and remove browsing history.

– to display and remove cookies.

– to add “Forget this Page” feature to Google Chrome’s context menu.

– required for “History Viewer” to show favicons.

“http://*/*”, “https://*/*”:
– for “browsingData”, “history” and “cookies” APIs, otherwise extension can’t display and remove browsing data from all websites. Required for the following services: “Forget this Page”, “History Viewer”, “Cache Viewer”, “Cookie Wiper”, “Feedback” and related functionality.

Along with the updated and improved functionality you would expect from every new version, we have also included an assortment of new tools and services.
Click&Clean has always been more than a simple cleaner!

v.7.9 Release Notes:
☢ Added New Anti-Malware Database (by BitDefender Labs)
✔ Compatibility with the latest:
☯ Comodo Dragon 18.1.2
☯ Chrome Stable v

You can check out more details about the extension using

Want to learn more about making your own plugins. We have the solution.

This chrome extension has around 10000 users and 25 reviews.

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