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Last updated: 24 December 2018
Author: ,,Wonderful Browser
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.1429
I give you below the actual important information:
★ Features of “Miami Heat” extension:

Firstly you can get an extensive selection of miami heat wallpapers in HD quality.
You can mix all pics, or, mix your preferred miami heat images only.
Simple & quick access to trending sites straight from miami heat new tab.
Feel Free to try out random image checkbox and get a cool screen saver with miami heat wallpapers.
Additionally, you may like to choose a new theme via our miami heat theme chooser selection.
The weather forecast, time and date may be shown on miami heat extension whenever you choose.

This app overrides your default new tab with a new tab of miami heat wallpapers.

MIAMI HEAT Tab Themes – Created by miami heat lovers.

In conclusion, this features included in this miami heat new tab are free!

The extension was made by fans, for fans. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by the entity whose materials are represented in this extension.

You can check out more details about this plugin using

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This plugin has around 10000 users and 74 reviews.

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