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Last updated: 12 October 2018
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Block waste websites permanently or on schedule. Protect your time and browsing experience.

Site Blocker is a productivity tool that denies an access to websites permanently or by schedule. Close waste websites for yourself or protect your children from nasty content. Use the net safely on blocking all websites from unwanted category.

Make custom setting for domains according to your needs. With Site Blocker you are able to block website for all time as well as block other website by schedule. Choose working days or hours for all domains separately or the same for all.

Site blocker is an advanced tool to block content. Useful functional with great features:
– Block site by categories or by words
– Set up working schedule for blocked domains
– Create a domain whitelist
– Block one or several websites


Block sites
Block one or several websites by adding accurate domain name. Enjoy your time without wasted websites.

Blocking schedule
Apply individual blocking schedule for each websites or set up schedule for all blocked domains at once.

Block by categories
Choose domain categories that won’t be shown during your web surfing.

Block by words
Add separate words or phrase to block all domains contain related content.

Site White list
Sites from this list avoid all blocking settings.

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