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Last updated: 4 September 2018
Author: ,[email protected],Free Addon – Wallpapers & Themes for New Tab (18)
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.2857
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A great & stunning gallery of super cars themes is waiting for you with the ultimate & most popular pictures since the dawn of men.

Here is where you get a bunch of stuff associated with this. Don’t forget to check the extension for new upgrades to find new muscle cars gtr new tabs every week!

Super cars backgrounds key features:
get your hands on the undoubtedly beautiful games addon with hundreds of games. Frequent pics updates for endless choice of mesmerizing wallpapers. Choose your favorite wallpapers as your tab wallpapers. All the bmw mclaren images are of high quality quality. Simple to pick & simple to set as wallpaper.

If you wish to remove this extension, it’s not a problem. Click on your extension icon, look for the application and remove it.

This is not just another backgrounds and wallpapers extension, offering the same usual pictures of aventador gta.

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This plugin has around 20000 users and 395 reviews.

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