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Last updated: 3 January 2015
Author: ,,Naive Solutions
Price: Free
This extension is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1250
We present here the actual useful data:
Download Notify is a download notification that offers a single beep on download completion and after downloading all files, it will play a final sound letting you know that all downloads are done.

The extension also displays the count for the downloads in progress.

Extremely lightweight, Download Notify is a great add on for anyone who uses Google Chrome.

– Fixed a bug that was causing issues at times with the counter.

– Added a reset counter button in the options in case your counter gets stuck. This is an on-going bug that I’m trying to 100% figure out still.

– Added options to disable the bottom download shelf, as well as to have a pop up notification when the the entire batch of downloads finishes.

– Fixed a bug I found while working with the minimum download size option.
– Added a YouTube video showing how the actual extension works.

– Added an options section to the extension so that you can:
> enable/disable the batch completed sound
> set a minimum download size to check for

– Sorry for the long wait! Keep sending in enhancements if you need one 🙂

– Fixed counting bug when there is a download error.

You can find more details about the extension using

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This extension has around 100000 users and 1403 reviews.

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