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Last updated: 20 December 2019
Author: ,[email protected],PickMe Wallpapers – So Cool In HD
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“Humanity’s Productivity is in Serious Danger!” – GamePro

Play the new Sci Fi MMO from Spacetime Studios for FREE!

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is a new Sci Fi Multiplayer Online Game. In this vast online world, you’ll join millions of players from around the world on futuristic adventures through hijacked space ships, alien infested asteroids, and highly advanced science labs enshrouded in mystery. Grab your double flash guns and your nanofibre vest and carve out your reputation among the stars!

Will you bring heavy armor and weapons into the fray as the towering Commando, rain down a laser spectacle from the Operative’s double guns, or leverage your advanced tech to destroy or repair anything you come in contact with as the Engineer? You’ll also get to choose and develop your favorite abilities.

Game Features:
– Real-time, 3D MMORPG
– Character creation, customization, and advancement
– Thousands of items, weapons, armor, and equipment
– Play same game on Android mobile phone
– Countless hours of gameplay

If you enjoy Star Legends, you may also enjoy our fantasy themed MMO title, Pocket Legends!

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