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Last updated: 14 October 2019
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FB Message Downloader

Use this extension to download your FB messages.

To start downloading, please follow this steps:

Step 1: Open the conversation in the full mode using the following link:
Step 2: Select the conversation that you want to download.
Step 3: Press the Message/Chat Downloader extenstion icon in the address bar.
Step 4: Select the date range you want and press start download.
– Make sure that you don’t leave or close the page until the download is finished.
– Depending on the number of messages the download might take from seconds to several minutes.
– When the download finishes the page will be updated to only show your selected conversation.
Step 5: To save your message, go to File->Save Page As and save it.
– Make sure to select ‘Webpage, Complete’ as the format.
– The saved file should be opened using Firefox only.

** Release Note ***
* V 4.0.0
– Major upgrade on how messages are loaded.
– Faster processing time.
– Less memory impact.
* V 4.1.0
– Support native and youtube rendering.
* V 5.0.2
– Calculate download time.
* V 5.1.1
– Limit Permission and add Privacy Policy

Thank you and Enjoy.

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This extension has around 800000 users and 10146 reviews.

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