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Last updated: 20 March 2018
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I give you below the actual important data:
EML Backup will backup your Gmail emails to your Google Drive as an EML Files. After installation you can schedule the backup for 7 days, during trial period.
To continue to use application buy a license, paid users can also run manually the application.

EML files can be read by most of the email client, like Microcoft Outlook, Lotus notes, ThunderBird, etc…

**How it works**
1 – At first launch, clic on the button Setup, it will create a label in your Gmail inbox “Backup to EML” and a folder in your Google Drive “EML Backup”.
2 – Apply label “Backup to EML” on the emails you want to backup as EML files.

# For a scheduled launch (trial and paid users) clic on the button “Schedule”, the program will run each night at 5am and will backup all emails added to the label. So during the day apply the label “Backup to EML” to the emails you want to backup and each morning you will have the emails backuped to your drive.

# For a single launch (paid users only) clic on the button “Manual Launch”, program will run until all the emails are backuped in your Google Drive.

IMPORTANT : The program will backup each messages of a conversation as a single EML file. It means if you have 5 messages in a conversation (thread) you will have 5 EML files in your Google Drive.

**Autorisation required**
Access your account because the program need to create planified task and run program.
Access your drive because program will create the folder and create files.
Access your gmail because the program have to list email in the label and create the EML file.
Know who your are : needed to manage your licence.

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This chrome extension has around 569 users and 11 reviews.

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