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Last updated: 10 January 2020
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We present here the recent important data:
Better3.0 – is an extension for website, that makes it’s editor looks better! It brings some cool customizable options, such as enabling Dark Theme, moving stage layout to the left and much much more!

• This is a major update. It includes UI redesign, bug fixes and new options.
• New feature: wrap text in items of the lists, instead of cutting it.

♦ Move Stage Layout to the Left Side of the Screen
♦ Enable Dark Theme in the Editor
♦ Increase Sprites List Area’s size
♦ (Temporarily Disabled) Show Live Messages Counter on the editor page
♦ Show Remix Tree Button on the Projects Page
♦ Auto-hide blocks palette when no need
♦ (Beta) Make interface smaller with compact mode
♦ (Beta) Make text in list items wrap instead of disappear (If an item in the list is too long, the text in it would wrap to the next line, rather than being replaced with “…”. Useful if you want to read the whole text.)

More options will be coming in the newer versions!

If you have any suggestions for the new options, or found a bug in the existing ones, please give us feedback through the email:
[email protected]
For more information, visit

You can find more information about this chrome extension using

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This chrome extension has around 100000 users and 363 reviews.

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