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Last updated: 22 January 2020
Author: ,[email protected],Ionuț Botizan
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1250
I give you here the recent important information:
Provide context menu (popup that appear on right click) close button with following options

1. Close tabs to the left of current tab
2. Close tabs to the right of current tab
3. Close other tabs except current tab
4. Close current tab
6. Close tabs from current domain / website
7. Close tabs from other domain / website except current one
8. Close window
9. Option to disable context menu

The options is available via…
Right click on any webpage –> Click Close Tabs –> Click Options

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v1.2 – 2018-09-13
– changes to ensure compliance Chrome Web Store policies

You can find more information about the chrome extension on

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This plugin has around 500000 users and 348 reviews.

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