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Last updated: 23 January 2019
Author:,,6 Wunderkinder GmbH
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of 0.1250
I give you below the actual useful data:
It’s a simple button to turn on dark mode for all websites you browsing. Just press the extension icon to enable/disable dark theme for Chrome websites. Do you want to have a stylish dark web design and your eyes ask for a break from bright colors? Dark Mode for Chrome covers all web pages to a black color. Dark Mode for Chrome is an automatic way to make Chrome black.

Dark mode for all popular sites in one place. Simply install an extension to enable black mode for Chrome.

Dark Mode for Chrome applies New Tab in a black color. Bring dark mode for all New Tabs. You can easily enable and disable black mode in any time by clicking the extension icon.

Enjoy black colours in popular sites and protect your eyes by changing to black mode.

Dark Chrome Theme is available now for free.

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This chrome extension has around 125 users and 3 reviews.

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