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Last updated: 19 July 2015
Author: ,,Infinity New
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This is a simple, no-frills extension that will be useful for folks who want a quick way to carry on a browsing thread from one computer to another. For example, if I’m doing research at school and find a number of interesting sites, I will end up with multiple open tabs. I may want to continue reading those tabs on another computer at home later on.

To do so, I wrote this basic extension to do exactly two things. The first is that it will produce a list of the web page titles and urls of all the tabs open in my current window. I can copy and paste this list into an e-mail that I can send to myself to restore this browser session anytime later on any computer using Chrome and this extension by copying from the e-mail and pasting into the extension. Alternatively, I can save that list to a file through the extension and e-mail myself the file, upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive or somewhere else in the cloud, and retrieve it later at another computer where I can upload it through the extension and restore the browsing session.

The extension is programed to extract the http and https, and ftp lines from any list, so the list can include the web page title or any other information. It will not open URLs that do not begin with http, ftp, or https.

My favorite feature is that it will automatically pre-format a gmail message for sending the links to myself. To try this out: Go to options and select “blank gmail with unlimited links copied to clipboard” in box 1 of the options screen and then click save under box 3; then scroll down to the bottom of the “format” info section and put in the e-mail address you want to be automatically added to the formatted compose message and then click “save” under this box. Now when you click on the icon and select “get URLs”, a pre-formatted gmail compose screen shows up. To get the links into the body, all you have to do is paste as they are automatically copied into the clipboard. This is the quickest way to e-mail yourself a copy of all your tab URLs.

============= Updates/notes ================

—> Update 1.2.8 removed copy/paste permission request; chrome no longer requires this (fixed bug from 1.2.6/7).

—> Update 1.2.5, enhanced gmail option and added new gmail option. To create the compose window pre-filled with links, tab-snap creates a new tab that has a url which gmail recognizes as a command to start a new compose window with the given information. If this constructed url that is sent to gmail is

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This chrome extension has around 1000 users and 13 reviews.

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